Everyday, family history documents and photographs are discarded and lost to family historians.  How does this happen?  Often, there’s a lack of a plan for these items, or the owner doesn’t know what to do them or assumes no one will want them.   Even if family members have saved the items, they won’t always share their photos or identify the people in them.  Over time, the history contained in the photo album is lost.

Estate dealers buy up boxes from estate sales and resell them on auction sites or in art supply shops where pieces are sold for mixed media art.  If we’re fortunate, memorabilia finds its way to collectors,  the unsung heroes who care for their collections.  We’ve even known of people rescuing boxes of family letters right stacked on trash bins before trash pick up. Occasionally, family members purchase items directly from the dealers.

We know we can’t save it all, but we’ve saved quite a bit, and hope you find joy in finding what’s here. We’ve collected identified photographs and documents of interest.  We carefully digitize them so that any family historian can have access to them.  It’s about treasuring family and sharing the stories that bind us.