A Photo Journal: Yves Le Pelley Du Manoir, French Aviator & Rugby Legend

An  extraordinary cultural relic and historically important acquisition by GoodwillGenealolgists.com

http://goodwillgenealogists.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Yves-du-Manoir-WW1.22.jpgYves Frantz Loys Marie Le Pelley du Manoir, known as Yves du Manoir (born: August 11, 1904, Vaucresson, France  died:  January 2, 1928, Reuilly, France)


Consisting of over 600 vintage photos in an album with dates ranging circa 1914-1924. The album depicts the life of Yves Le Pelley Du Manoir (see bio below) Many of the photos have hand written captions, in French…. (translations still in process)  (samples from the album are included with this blog post, see below) This album was purchased by Goodwillgenealogists.com  from the Estate of Yves older brother Count George Le Pelley du Manoir, (who lived the latter part of his life in the U.S.) The album chronicles the life of Yves Du Manoir and serves as a journal of his path through an extraordinary though tragically short life. There are many shots of Yves as a young man while he was in training at the prestigious French  military school École polytechnique, in Palaiseau, France  There are many photos depicting  the infancy of French aviation including candid and action shots of pilots from around the world in France for training (examples: Algiers, (then) Arabia, Morocco, Poland, America and Britain).  Also in this remarkable photo journal are scenes from the private life of Yves and his family such as playing tennis,  swimming at the the  beach, playing with pets, fishing, boating, etc. There are a few scenes from Rugby Tournaments in France and Portugal. Yves was at least as famous and still beloved as “The Father of Rugby” in France with stadiums, schools and roads named after him to this day.  Later you will find photos of the many tragedies associated with the early days of French aviation including crashed and damaged planes and one full page of a funeral procession…..There is also a striking 2 page chronicle of the aftermath of the bombing of Reims in WW1 and the famous Cathedral that stood despite the onslaught.   Quite remarkably Yves brought his camera on-board  as he trained as a pilot and took many aerial photos..these are priceless and very nearly one of a kind. Finally there a few pages of life towards the end of his pilot training, his “graduation portraits” and the days just before what sadly culminated in his death, at age 24 in a plane crash…   (see bio below)


At GoodwillGenealogists.com we are looking for an archive, museum, library or bonafide Du Manoir family historian to acquire this treasure. It deserves full restoration, archiving and a home equal to it’s place in history….please contact us if you have any further information or questions.


A milestone for GWG:

RE: “A Photo Journal: Yves Le Pelley Du Manoir, French Aviator & Rugby Legend”

After nearly 2 years of efforts this wonderful photo album, with more than 600 historically significant images, is being donated to the “Bibliothèque – Centre de ressources historiques” at Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau, France . This is the military school where Yves Le Pelley Du Manoir got his early academic, and athletic training. He is “their most famous alumnus” In appreciation of this important acquisition the Bibliothèque – Centre de ressources historiques at Ecole Polytechnique is awarding Goodwill Genealogists 2 medals: The “Monge Medal”, named after Gaspard Monge, and The “Poincaré Medal” named after Henri Poincaré (both founders of Ecole Polytechnique) Both will be displayed with pride as we continue our efforts…

This is another success story in our on-going efforts to rescue and preserve important genealogical and historic photos, documents, and family treasures…





Bio via Wikipedia:

Yves Frantz Loys Marie Le Pelley du Manoir, known as Yves du Manoir (August 11, 1904, Vaucresson – January 2, 1928, Reuilly, Indre) was a French rugby player.

Du Manoir was born in an aristocratic family; his father and mother were Viscount and Viscountess Le Pelley. He excelled at tennis, rowing, swimming, gymnastics and running. He also liked motorcycles. But it was as a rugby player that he stood out. He joined Racing Club de France, a Paris club, as he lived in the prestigious Rue de Rennes in the center of the city. He was a versatile back, a good kicker and an excellent tackler, who played generally as fly-half.

He won his first cap for France at the age of 20 on Jan. 1, 1925 at Colombes against Ireland. Despite a 3-9 defeat, his flamboyant style made him the darling of the crowd, who chanted his name during the game, and he was chosen as man of the match. He went on to get seven other caps, one as captain against Scotland in 1927.

The epitome of the perfect gentleman, Du Manoir was also a brain. He enrolled at the prestigious military school École polytechnique, where he graduated as an air force second lieutenant in 1925.

On Jan. 2, 1928, France was hosting Scotland, but Du Manoir had to decline the invitation because that day he had to take an exam in military camp where he was officially stationed (in Avord, near Bourges) to obtain his diploma that would allow him to qualify as a military pilot. The plane he got on, a Caudron 59, crashed a few minutes after take-off. Apparently, one wheel was caught in the branches of a poplar. By a sad twist of fate, this happened exactly three years and a day after his first cap. The players learnt the news of the accident during the after-match functions. Georges Gerald, the France vice-captain and close friend of Du Manoir’s with whom he played for Racing as centre, broke out in tears as he was making the traditional speech.

A monument was built where the accident happened. Barely four months after his death, Racing Club de France renamed its stadium after him. This was where France was going to play almost all its international home fixtures until 1973. There is a statue of Du Manoir at the entrance of the stadium, where Racing Club de France still plays today.

In 1932, Racing Club de France created a famous club competition named after him, the Challenge Yves du Manoir, dedicated to the spirit of open play. Maybe the renowned French flair was born then.

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  2. serge says:

    dear sir,
    i don’t know what you ended doing with that photo album.
    You might think of making a donation to Ecole Polytechnique Museum.
    Yves du Manoir is actually a very special alumnus from this school.
    I’m sure they would be very happy with such a donation.
    I can give you details privately.
    Best regards.

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