Walcott, Wolcott, Wheeler Brigham Family Photograph Album

Wolcott, Walcott, Wheeler, Brigham Family Album

This is little photo album of tintypes and cdv’s has so many identifications!  Amazingly there are even  portraits of some family members from infancy through early childhood.   The album itself is in fabulous condition.  The embossed gilt page edges are in a nearly new state, and the clasp has all of its working parts.  There’s wear on the binding, and some pages separated from the middle, but are still attached to other pages.  In all there are forty-one photos and tintypes!  This album is available for purchase.

Jonathan Wolcott, Hannah Wolcott Priest, Charles Wolcott, Abijah P Wolcott, Lucy Perry Wolcott, Sarah Wolcott Parks Annie, Wolcott Wheeler, Jonathan Wolcott, Martha Wagner Wolcott, Cousin Lena Wolcott, Cousin Fred M Wheeler, Frank R Hallock, Charles Brigham Lowell,Samuel Wolcott, Fred M. Wheeler, Ellen Brigham, Mabel A Wolcott, Gertrude Wolcott, Frank E Walcott, Hattie Wolcott, Vira Hapgood, Lena Parks, Luman Jefts, Emily Witt Jefts, Abbie Jefts, Evertt Jefts, Parkman Nourie, Mrs Nourie, JONATHAN WALCOTT OF STOW MA, 1791-1862

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