Galer Family Bible

Galer Family Bible

This lovingly inscripted bible is in remarkable condition.  Though the binding is failing, the interior of the bible is amazing!  It hardly has any of the spotting one often sees in old documents and books.  The script is remarkable, and on the Memoranda page, in the tiniest of hand, the author of the inscriptions, John K. Diell, takes credit for his efforts.  

Chauncey Galer, May Ann Galer, George H. Galer, Elizabeth Galer, Lavantia Galer, Menzo Galer, Richard Galer, Nelly Jane Galer, Charles Galer, May Ann Hannah, Elry Galer, Burlen W Low, Fanney E Galer, Matthew Sherman, Mary L Galer, Orpha Sloan, Hattie M Simmons, Thomas Wilson, John K. Diell, Cherry Valley Otsego New York

This update is from Diane Miller, a Galer Family Historian, who was happy to share photos and a further information about the bible.

“This bible belonged to Chauncey Galer who was a brother of my gg grandfather John Mathias. He is in the picture of the 7 brothers.  These are photos that I own and have scanned myself.  The name change from Galer to Gayler seeems to have started with John Mathias.  It is Gayler on his headstone.  I  don’t know how many generations you want but I have included one of my father (William Gayler Vogel) and aunt Mildred  Vogel and their counsins Ella and Florence Gross. Florence died in 1910 at age 18 or 19 from diabeates.  Ella was more like a grandmother to us than a cousin.  Are you interested in headstones and burial infofmation?   I have headstone pictures from Middlefield and Fort Plain Cemteries and you can check my entries on  John Mathias died in  Aug 1873 so the picture of the 7 brothers was taken before 1873.”

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