Dorman Family Estate Collection, Ashstabula Ohio, Pasadena California

Dorman Family Estate Collection.

Through a good friend, Lori, in California we acquired a few eye catching photos from a recent estate sale, including a stunning 1850’s era Daguerreotype of Timothy Augustus Dorman the Dorman family patriarch from Ashtabula County Ohio, : (Lori retains ownership the Daguerreotype)

Timothy Augustus Dorman
Birth 20 Aug 1826 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut
Death 4 Mar 1893 in Ashtabula Co., Ohio

After researching the family tree using the few clues we had we were intrigued by this twice pioneering family:  Once to the Lake Country area of Northern Ohio from Connecticut and then as an early arriving family in the then remote and rural Pasadena California in the 1890’s  So, we asked Lori to go back and luckily she was able to purchase the entire collection of family photos, documents and mementos for us and we will displaying some of them here….  The greater portion of these items will be compiled here on Goodwill Genealogists in hopes of finding living family members to return then to. Back to their rightful, treasured place with a Dorman family history caretaker…  There are over 200 photos and other items in this collection so if you have a connection with this family please let us know… (see contact information below)

Other surnames associated with these materials include ROOT, BECKER, CLARK, HAZEN, QUIMBY,

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3 Responses to Dorman Family Estate Collection, Ashstabula Ohio, Pasadena California

  1. Barry Dorman says:

    I don’t know how my side of the family will tie in. But I have a copy of the Dorman family tree,( I believe from the time they came to this country) I would like to at least get a copy of the pictures and documents that you have. Please call me 334 750-7340, I live in the state of Alabama. I was shocked to see the picture of the Dorman furniture store, since I and my family are in the furniture business.

  2. Via user Barbara Dorman K.

    Yesterday 1:16 PM GMT

    How wonderful that you have found these pictures and for posting them on the goodwillgenealogist site. Wish more people were like you to find photos at an estate sale and not trash them. Words can’t express our gratitude for your effort to preserve them. If no one wants to claim these photos I would love to have them for my Dorman family collection. This family was my gg grandfather’s brother, so I may be to far removed from the others asking for the photos. Thank you again for the posting.
    Barbara Dorman K.

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