Precious Keepsake Album: Fannie May Fager b. 1870 in Long Branch, Bath County, IL

Fannie May Fager was born in Long Branch Illinois in 1870. The daughter of Charles Calvin Fager.  (originally from Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania)  The family lived in the Havana Illinois area.  In 1885 Fannie started a small keepsake album and over the next decade or so had her friends, schoolmates and family members sign it and put their thoughts, limericks and even some amazing freehand art work in the pages of the album…    The album is approx 100 pages and measure 6″w X 4″h We have acquired this precious item and would love to return it back to the descendants of Fannie…

Note: a sample of other names mentioned in the album are:

George Fager Jr. Jennie J Dawson, AW Mortimer,  Jeff G Galbraith, Lydia Williamson (art work) Anna DW Scudder, Sarah L Scudder, Ann F Galbraith, Frank J McNeary, Alice Fagan (art work) Oliver S Watt, Charles E Long (art work) Clyde Johnson (art work) Mary E Jugg,

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If you have any connection to the Fager family and are interested in this album please contact us @


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