1897 Hand Written Genealogy by Mrs. Persis Avery Reynolds Tyler of Maine

In 1897, at the age of 77, Mrs. Persis Avery Reynolds Tyler, set out to write her family history for her son, Horace Walter Tyler, as a Christmas gift.  What a gift it is!  It a rare experience to find and later hold in ones hands, the gift of family history that this small booklet is.  The cover appears to be hand drawn on heavy stock paper, with the inner leaves hand sewn for the binding.  The lined pages strain to hold all the information that Persis worked diligently to produce for her son.  It is in remarkable condition.  I took great care when scanning it.

The document contains the family history for her father’s family, the Reynolds and Wilders and Averys, and her husband’s family, the Tylers and Haskills.  She speaks not only of their ancestors and descendants, but of the trials of living in a new land.  The history is added to in later years, in pencil.  The booklet ends with a poem that appears to have been written by Mrs. Reynolds.

This gift to a son was written in Sparta, Wisconsin, and found its way to Portland, OR where it was purchased by a reseller, and then by me.  Now, it’s back to NE, where much of the history took place.  Perhaps now, this little genealogy will help answer long asked questions about a family’s life,

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