Deeds, Surveys, Maps for Bedford and Cumberland Counties PA

We’ve had another wonderful contribution today.  I didn’t just want to add a link, but tell the story too!  Here’s what Pat wrote to me:

For the past twenty years I have been doing something very similar to yours.  Although my interest has been in the area of deeds and survey plats.  I have several hundred deeds, maps, survey plats, and survey orders for certain regions of Pennsylvania, mostly for the region around Bedford and Cumberland counties, but some in Philadelphia, and a other counties in the State.

At first the only reason for the collecting of these documents was to keep some nice intact collections that were being sold on ebay from going to the far corners of the earth.  In the mid 90’s I started indexing the documents, and then in the early 2000’s I started scanning them.  I have only scanned and indexed a couple hundred documents.  I haven’t added any to my website in several years.  You will find them located at  The images are in the DJVU format (high resolution – small file size).  Viewers and plugins are available for Internet Explorer (e.g.,  There is also the early version of DJVU called DJVU Solo 3.1 that is not for commercial use – this is what I have used since the beginning.  It can be found at

These images have come in handy for hundreds of genealogists over the past ten years.  If you find these images helpful you are welcome to link to them or download and use any of the images on your Goodwill Genealogist site.  The image index is old school Paradox that I transport to html.  Remember, I started this project a long time ago.

My interest in Pennsylvania has become a lot more clear over the past twenty years.  My scanning of these documents started me into documenting my own family history.  It appears that both myself and my wife’s families originated in close proximity to each other in Pennsylvania in the late 1700’s – we met in California – small world.

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