Thomas, Shattuck Family Bible

This bible is very worn, but the few pages with family history are just what the historian could want.  Beginning with  Moody Shattuck, born in Pepperell Ma April 28th 1772 and his wife Eunice Tarbell, also from Pepperell, born June 6th 1767.  Or, Jemima Briggs b. 1744 in Providence RI who marries George Washington Thomas b. 1777 in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.  The Shattuck’s then move to the Townsend, Waterville area of VT.  There’s a lot of New England history here.

UPDATE!  A kind GG lent us her link to a flicker account with grave markers for some of Shattuck Family in VT. Thank you!.

(click on individual images for larger views)

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