Ruppenthal, Mueller, Kunz Family Scrapbook and Photo Album

Two items bought separately on Ebay, a scrapbook and a photo album, both connected to the Kunz family of Milwaukee Wisconsin were the early seeds of what is now Goodwill Genealogists. Two genealogists, one in California and one in Massachusetts, trying to locate Kunz family members, discovered that they were both involved in an effort to rescue family history items, preserve them and return them when possible to family members. Now their combined efforts have given life to Goodwill Genealogist which over time will involve others of like mind and goals.

Below is the material from the Kunz Family collection.

This little scrapbook was lovingly crafted.  I would love to find such a treasure from my own family!  Stories, photos, obituaries, letters, military service and more!  Surnames include Ruppenthal, Mueller, Kunz, Langemack, Loeb, Nickerson, Dornfeldt from Brillion Wisconsin.  The photo files are large so be patient when enlarging.

(click on individual images for larger views)

To contact us about this material email us here:GoodWill Genealogists (

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