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Ruth Hope (Dzialynski) Leon

The author of the “History of the Dzialynski Family.”

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  1. Roberta Sandler says:

    University Press of Florida, which published my current book, is interested in my proposed new book,”Love Stories from Florida’s Past.” I want to write a chapter about Morris and Rosa Slager Dzialynski of Jacksonville, but I need information or reference material that attests to the loving and devoted marriage between Morris and Rosa and perhaps indicates that they worked alongside each other in family business and/or that they shared common interests. Ideally, I need to interview a family descendant who knew (or heard stories about) Morris and Rosa. My hope is that some correspondence exists between Morris and Rosa that indicates their love for each other.
    Additionally, how can I learn about the marriage of Alfred and Jessie Ball DuPont — they did work together or she at least helped him; she wrote notes to him that exist (but where are they?). I need written material attesting to their happy marriage and, ideally, I’d like to interview descendants to whom stories have been passed down regarding Alfred’s and Jessie’s devoted marriage. Very soon, I must send a “detailed proposal” to the publisher, so I appreciate your prompt reply. Can you help??? Thanks!
    Roberta Sandler
    Author: “A Brief Guide to Florida’s Monuments and Memorials” (University Press of Florida)
    “Guide to Florida Historical Walking Tours” (Pineapple Press)

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