Dzialynski, Delinski, Ehrlich, Herzog Family History Bible Pages

This Old wholesale mlb jerseys and cheap jerseys New cheap jerseys Testament Collecting bible was Where purchased from Sammy an online reseller.  It’s covers have fallen off and many pages have separated from the binding.    Yet, inside is the gift of a hand written family history.  Most is in English, but some names are reprinted in what looks to be Hebrew, reflecting the Jewish heritage of many in the family.

It begins with the births Ida Erlich born in Prussia in 1834 and Philip Dzialynski born in Poland in 1833.  The family moves to Florida and later some move to Georgia.

Want to help?  If you copy the bible pages, please consider transcribing a page or two and submitting the transcriptions here.  It will help other family members search the contents!  Go to Catch the GG Spirit

UPDATE:  We’ve been so fortunate to have contributions by J. Bunch!  He’s provided transcriptions, photographs, and a GED.Com file for the family! 

Transcription Dzialynski Family Bible

Dzialynski Family Bible Transcriptions – Marriages

Dzialynski Family Bible – Deaths

History of the Dzialynski Family

Thank you JB!!   

JB has question for other family historians.  He’s looking to clarify the following entries in the history: 

The following are the names of individual on the sheets that I have no information on or have no concrete documentation to support who they are related to:
Ralph W. Cohen – I am not 100% who he is related to but have a pretty good idea.
Auguste Leiser – I have no idea who this person this and how he/she is related to the family.
Isaac Ehrlich & Henrietta Kauffman – I have a good idea how they are connected to the family but have no solid documentation to prove it.
Rudolph Ehrlich & Hanchen Dzialynski – I have good idea how they are connected to the family but no solid documentation to prove it.
 H. Berlack & Hanchen Ehrlich – I have good idea how they are connected to the family but no solid documentation to prove it.
Maurice R. Cohen & Ida Williams – I have good idea how they are connected to the family but no solid documentation to prove it.

Now, on to the gallery

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16 Responses to Dzialynski, Delinski, Ehrlich, Herzog Family History Bible Pages

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  2. Anthony Brummer ( Anthony Joseph Hetzler III) says:

    I am in possession of all of the Dzialynski ( Delinski) documents that have been passed down from the 1800’s.

    My Grandmother Florence Delinski left everything to me when she passed here in Ocala, Florida at my home in 1992.

    Please, Please, Please contact me so I can get involved.

    The Jewish Museum in Florida has been tracking the Dzialynski family since from 1840.

    • Joseph Bunch says:


      What documents do you have? Can you share some of the information?



    • margaret miller says:

      My great great grandfather was Philip Dzialynski. My family has kept records of Philip, his son George and the other relatives who descended from this family. I have made a family tree with all of the information I have accumulated. Many of the relatives still live in Jacksonville Fl, as do I. I would very much like to discuss what information you have available so I can update the family tree. I was aware of only one family Bible, which my first cousin inherited upon the death of his mother. His father was Colson Perry Coleman who had given much of the information to the Museum of Jewish History in Miami. Looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested

  3. Doug Delinski says:

    I have been researching my Dad’s family – but I have never seen the spelling shown on this site – however, on one of the pages, our current spelling of the name is listed.
    I have never made a connection to the Florida Delinski groups. If there ever was a connection to John(Jon) Delinski who immigrated from Poland and ended up in Omaha, Ne – where my father Leo was born. My grandfather was Stanley (Stasu) and served in Haller’s Army in WWI. He ended up at the Peoria Journal Star in Peoria, IL. If there is breath of relavance I would appreciate the information.

    • Joseph Bunch says:

      I was told you were looking for information the Delinski family. I saw your post. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have any information on the Delinski family that you are referring to. There is a good chance both our families are connected. Although mine spelt the name a little different, it seems like I remember seeing information once about some Dzialynski families spelling it Delinski. Do you have any more specific information (names, dates & places) about the individuals you mentioned? Fill free to email me directly at

    • Joseph Bunch says:

      I was searching on the internet for information based on the names you included in your post and found information posted by a woman named Sandy Drexel on RootsWeb’s World Connect Project. The information appears to have been posted in 2001 and not updated since then. I believe this is your family. Here is the web address.


  4. Henry Herz says:

    I am also a Dzialynski descendant, and have a lot of genealogical material. I would love to compare notes with Joseph Bunch, and answer some of his questions above. Can you put me in touch with him? Thanks.

    • margaret miller says:

      good morning Henry. Don’t know if you remember me, but we corresponded about 6 years ago. My great great grandfather was Philip Dzialynski and you forwarded your family tree and I sent you mine. Just found out that this website existed and would love to know if J. Bunch ever contacted you. My cousin has the family bible from Philip so obviously there are two bibles. He must be descended from Philip’s second wife Mary. If you have an address for him I would appreciate knowing it. In the years since we spoke I have collected new family history and am in the process of printing everything. I would be glad to forward a copy if you would like.

  5. Joseph Bunch says:

    Last fall I was contacted by Goodwill Genealogist about contributing to a website they were putting together. They informed me that they had in their possession a bible containing family information and thought I might be related to the family. They discovered this through some genealogy I had posted on The sent me photographs of the information from the bible. When I viewed the information, I can’t tell you how excited I was. It was indeed my family. It was amazing to learn that such documents existed and that they were in relatively good condition. Well, this past week my excitement about just learning a family bible was out there and seeing digital images of the information contained in it was eclipsed by the experience of seeing the bible in person and holding it in my hands. To hold a 164 year old document in my hand and know that at one point, my Great Great Grandfather once held the same document was truly an amazing experience. It was the second time in the 20+ years I have been doing genealogy research to have such an experience. I am grateful to the folks at Goodwill Genealogists for what they are doing to ensure others can have similar experiences. Thank you.

    • margaret miller says:

      Just learned that my family bible is at goodwill genealogy. Phillip was my great great grandfather. Would love to hear from you to find out how we are connected. Looking forward to learning more history. Margaret Miller

  6. Joseph Bunch says:

    I forgot to mention. I do have some photographs of descendants of this family and would be happy share.

    • Joseph Bunch says:

      Thanks. Let me know if you would like me to forward digital copies of the photos I have and where to send them. I don’t know if this is something you would like to post or not. Only one of the photos is of someone listed on the Bible pages. It’s a picture of George Isaac P. Dzialynski. He is a son of Philip Dzialnski. His name is listed on the page of Births.

    • Joseph has given generously donated transcriptions of several pages, photographs and a gedcom file. In addition, he has some questions for other family members. He’d like clarification (additional documentation) for the following people:
      JB has question for other family historians. He’s looking to clarify the following entries in the history:

      The following are the names of individual on the sheets that I have no information on or have no concrete documentation to support who they are related to:

      Ralph W. Cohen –
      Auguste Leiser –
      Isaac Ehrlich & Henrietta Kauffman –
      Rudolph Ehrlich & Hanchen Dzialynski
      H. Berlack & Hanchen Ehrlich Maurice R. Cohen & Ida Williams

      Let’s give him a hand!

  7. Joseph Bunch says:

    I received a copy of these Bible pages and they are excellent. While much of the information in the pages I already knew, there was some new information. One of the most fascinating things about the pages was being to deduce which family member mostly likely began tracking this information. It appears Philip Dziakynski began recording this information mostly in the 1850’s after immigrating to the United States. If anyone needs information on this family, I am happy to share.

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