Goodwill Genealogists has collected family bibles, photographs, genealogies, letters, and other documents that give richer meaning to our family histories.

We carefully digitize each piece by hand, catalogue and upload them so they can be found by you!

Yes, it takes a lot of time to do this but we delight in making connections between family members and these ancestral artifacts.

To search our collection, enter a surname into the search box to the right, or browse our family pages.

If you find family treasure here, you can copy the pages directly from the posts in the Family Pages .

Important to note: We cannot verify the accuracy of these records.  Though an artifact may have identification written on it or the album, the person doing the identification may have made errors.  Transcription errors occur as well.  So please, use due diligence in your family history research!

What do we ask if you copy and share materials from our collections?

  • Please, cite Goodwillgenealogists.com as the source for your material,  We  Reserve All Rights to materials on the website. 
  • Absolutely no commerical use of these materials.